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GPS has helped educators double their bookings and change their students' lives.
Whether you're a brand ambassador, a salon manager, or a school educator, the GLOBAL PEAK-PERFORMANCE SYSTEM will make you a superstar of education.
  • The latest proven methods, tools, and techniques for leading breakthrough classes every time.
  • Access 40+ years of focused educator training with Chris Baran and Chris Moody, two of the best in the world.
  • Unlimited access to the full video archive of GPS online sessions.
Many apply, but unfortunately not everyone qualifies for full GPS membership. Enter the GPS Lite program -->
The GPS program is not for everybody.
If you're missing some of the pieces to qualify for GPS, you DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT. You can get started NOW with this secret exclusive program:
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GPS Lite
  •  The only thing LITE is the name.
  •  You get your first month FREE.
  •  LIVE check-in call with Chris after 3 months

Ruth Roche

Celebrity Stylist, Artistic Ambassador

I have never seen the caliber of expertise in facilitation that Chris has. I couldn't recommend a better way to get ahead.
Ruth Roche on Chris Baran

Lauren Hagen

Redken International Artist

Having Chris as my coach helped me create immediate rapport with my audience [in class and on stage]. I highly recommend the GPS program!
Lauren Hagen on Chris Baran
You miss only the Facebook group and live sessions.
Check in with Chris in a LIVE call after three months.
  •  Educate: The building blocks in your tower of power. The material in your mentorship. Your mastery of the message. You could walk on stage right now and teach with zero prep, because you know exactly what you're talking about.
  •  Engage: You're confident on stage. Clear of focus and purpose. The expert facilitator. The consummate performer. You could be talking about washing machines and they'd still hang on your every word.
  •  Energize: You put your energy out into the room and you feel it come back to you ten times over. Years from now they'll still talk about how you changed their lives.
  •  Artistry, Performance, Facilitation: We work on all aspects of your skills. You need all three to truly be a master educator, whether it's in the salon or in front of a room of thousands.
  •  Easily get what you need with more than 50 hours of tag-searchable videos and more every week.
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